Screening Numba Two: The Babadook

This. Movie. Scared. The. Shit. Outta. Me.

I don’t usually watch horror films—mostly because I’m a gigantic chicken. Also because I feel like the current state of mainstream horror cinema is just torture porn. I hate that. This film was in no way in that category.

One Line Review: “A thoughtfully creepy and engaging horror film that represents the demons of dealing with death in the most horrifying and creative way possible.

You know what used to be great about the horror genre? Is that the films were just gigantic metaphors for things in life. Whether it be social issues, human interactions, or just, you know, LIFE….horror films are meant to cleverly trick you into addressing horrifying truths about society and ourselves. The Babadook does this BEAUTIFULLY. (well…terrifying…ly) The film is, at its core, a movie about a woman who absolutely cannot deal with her husband’s death. And it’s done so well.

On the surface, the film is an absolutely terrifying piece of horror cinema. The dynamic between this woman and her son is fantastic. It’s exhausting (the first two acts are basically birth control), but also, as the film develops….it’s incredibly unique. At the risk of spoiling too much (avoid the following words if you fear spoilers) the role reversal that takes place in this film is seamless and clever.

This film also walks the line of what’s real and what’s imaginary/psychosis PERFECTLY. I don’t know what else I can say about it other than….it never left you hanging in trying to sort out if that Babadook was real or not. You won’t be frustrated by it, but you’ll keep trying to guess!

Also, it has to be noted that the sound design in this movie was EXQUISITE. Very clever, very creepy, and abrasive and subtle in just the right moments. Just wait, the first moment she closes the book you’re gonna get goosebumps. I promise.

While I did view most of the scary parts through my fingers or scarf, the horror moments it has are going to make you jump out of your seat.

Should you see it? Probably. But be prepared to sleep with the light on.