I’ve been a fan of Lynn Shelton’s work for YEARS. Between Hump Day and Your Sister’s Sister—I can’t get enough of her ability to capture those awkward relationships we all have with people we love. Humans have complicated intentions behind their actions, and she knows exactly how to show it on screen to make it relate able and entertaining as hell. If you’re not familiar with her work, please PLEASE start with Hump Day. It should be up on Netflix, so once again, I’m going to turn this into my tagline: Queue that shit!

Laggies is the first film she directed that she did not write herself. It was an interesting departure from her usual storytelling, but it’s one that turned out really well. Though I regretfully have to admit that I was not a huge fan of last year’s Touchy Feely, Laggies was a great follow up—admittedly not as strong as Your Sister’s Sister or Hump Day, but it’s still a really fun film.

The film is a pretty classic story about a late twenty-something going through a quarter life crisis. The movie has some moments that will have you bent over in your seat laughing (the wedding dance almost had me peeing myself because it was a perfect representation for how I feel about 99% of all weddings), but it also has some good poignant moments that will bring you back to a time when you felt lost or helpless with your friends.

I will say that the movie can be a bit of a struggle. It’s hard to get behind a main character that is misguided and making terrible decisions for herself—but arguably…that’s what makes her incredibly human.

Overall it’s such a fun film and I absolutely believe it’s worth the watch—especially if you’re in that strange transitional phase in your twenties (or have experienced it before..) This movie might not reassure you that everything is ok, but it will definitely let you know you’re not alone.