It was just happenstance that I ended up seeing this film, and even going into it, I was like, “I dunno about this one, guys……..”

I mean, what can you expect from a film where Michael Fassbender wears a paper maché head for the whole movie? Am I right?

Well, apparently, what you can expect is a film that is utterly hilarious, touching and very, very bizarre.

I don’t know if I’ve written this down yet, but this year’s festival brought forth a ton of really unique films. Several of them…I mean, I just don’t even know how they got funded. The stories are strange, and awkward, but actually really great. Frank was one of those films.

Frank is a story about a young man who dreams of being in a band and gets swept away by an odd group led by a man (Frank) who continuously wears a gigantic paper maché head. This isn’t one of those movies where everyone “doesn’t notice” he’s wearing a fake head and only one person does. So don’t worry, you’re not going to have to accept anything too ridiculous.

It’s a film about passions, false role models, music as therapy, the music industry, mental illness, selfishness…it covers it all.

This movie will have you in stitches laughing, feeling awkward and frustrated, and crying by the end. It has a lot to say and it does it pretty well. I will say this film isn’t for everyone—I don’t think people can get behind some of the psychological collapse that does take place (not a spoiler—guys, there’s someone wearing a paper maché head the entire movie, c’mon), but I think that if you can accept the eccentricities of the world it builds, you will really love this film and get a lot out of it.

And maybe this will help: it’s based on a real person. Loosely based, but based nonetheless.

Also, if you’re a musician, you should probably see this film anyway.

One more thing: if anything else, see it for the fact that Michael Fassbender is so god damn talented he can act with a gigantic fake head on and STILL get an emotional response from you. Fuck…that guy is good.