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It was just happenstance that I ended up seeing this film, and even going into it, I was like, “I dunno about this one, guys……..” I mean, what can you expect from a film where Michael Fassbender wears a paper maché head for the whole movie? Am I right? Well, apparently, what you can expect…

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I’ve been a fan of Lynn Shelton’s work for YEARS. Between Hump Day and Your Sister’s Sister—I can’t get enough of her ability to capture those awkward relationships we all have with people we love. Humans have complicated intentions behind their actions, and she knows exactly how to show it on screen to make it…

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The Double

image Have you ever seen The IT Crowd? How about Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace? No? Well, if you have a sense of humor, you should probably do whatever you possibly can to watch these TV shows. Anyway, what these shows have in common is Richard Ayoade—who is a genius of a filmmaker. His first feature film…

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A Most Wanted Man

One line review: This is an intense, but slow building espionage film that will give you a new perspective on the different approaches to acquiring intelligence and tracking terrorists. It’s just about a hair faster paced than Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I’m not a huge fan of espionage films. I mean, they can be loads…

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Screening Numba Two: The Babadook

This. Movie. Scared. The. Shit. Outta. Me. I don’t usually watch horror films—mostly because I’m a gigantic chicken. Also because I feel like the current state of mainstream horror cinema is just torture porn. I hate that. This film was in no way in that category. One Line Review: “A thoughtfully creepy and engaging horror…

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First Screening of Sundance 2014: The Overnighters

Another amazing benefit of volunteering is that we get special early volunteer screenings. These are almost always guaranteed entry and also act as a really nice reunion with all the faces I haven’t seen in a year. This year’s first volunteer screening was the documentary “The Overnighters”. One line review: “This film captures the dark…

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Screening Fifteen: Magic Magic

I was really excited to see this film because….if you’ve been keeping up….this was Sebastian Silva’s second film at the festival, and again, I’m a huge fan of Silva and already enjoyed Crystal Fairy earlier in the festival. This film was featured in the Park City at Midnight category which are usually horror films or…

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Screening Fourteen: Afternoon Delight

I was able to make it in last minute to a Press & Industry screening of this film, and I’m glad I could make it. I didn’t really know much about this movie. I read the log line for it and liked it enough to circle the film in my program, but that had been…

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Touchy Feely

Screening Thirteen: Touchy Feely

This was another film that was instantly on my list. I love love love all of Lynn Shelton’s work. She’s another one of those directors where when I describe her work, I simply say: “she GETS humanity”. All of her stories have deeply developed characters that truly live and breath on the screen. It’s really…

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Screening Twelve: In A World…

When I read about this film in the guide–I immediately put it on my list. I was really looking forward to it because, c’mon, I love films about women trying to succeed in an industry dominated by men. Story of my life, right? Here’s the logline: “An underachieving vocal coach is motivated by her father,…

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