Adobe Video: Palms Casino Resort

This was a really fun video to be a part of. I actually produced two videos this trip. One is part of an internal video series I’m producing for Adobe, and the other was this customer story about Palms Casino Resort.

This trip to Las Vegas was my first trip as a full-fledged producer, and it was a lot of fun, and I learned A LOT. I had to coordinate our flights and our hotels, as well as interface with the client about location scouts, story, and schedule. We had only one day of shooting at each location, but as production goes….a good location is such an asset. We were so lucky to have such diverse locations. We got a great suite in Palms to film in, and let me tell you what, we got the FULL Vegas experience. Spinning circular bed and all–oh yeah. Private jacuzzi overlooking the strip, four bathrooms, private bar–the WORKS. It made it really easy to create 3 different looks for our interviews, and also give us some dynamic B-roll. Not to mention the fun photos in between takes.

The swanky living room in the suite we were shooting in:



Me taking a ride on the spinning bed:



View from the private jacuzzi:


Not only that, but Vegas maintained its stereotype:


NOT IN FRAME: A gigantic RV full of late 20 something frat guys.

I’ll have you know I definitely yelled at those guys as soon as camera was cut. Ugh. Seriously, c’mon.

And then Vegas taunted me while we shot some B-roll at a closed table. Things you should know: I don’t really gamble. Don’t like it, not usually that lucky. Sometimes I’ll play roulette. I always play 17. (is that TMI?)


Look at that unsuspecting face. Then I got cocky.

But seriously, can I get some more chips over here?!


Again, this shoot was so much fun and I feel really lucky that I had the opportunity to produce it and work with such a fun team.

The next day we shot in the Presidential Suite at the Bellagio….and I don’t know if I can share any of that stuff yet, but let me tell you how DIFFERENT the vibe is between Palms and Bellagio. Palms was a lot of fun, but Bellagio was so unbelievably classy.

As for post production on this, I ended up preparing the project for the editor and doing a lot of the data wrangling and organization on set. But our amazing editor Ellen cut this story together and I oversaw the client relationship through post! It was a really great project.