Adobe Video: Erik Johansson

Early this spring (2013) we were working on a campaign for the new Adobe Creative Cloud. We had the opportunity to interview and work with several incredibly talented artists across the world. One of these artists was Erik Johannson based out of Berlin and Sweden.

I did not edit this video, but I was assigned one of the “social” edits which were a lot of fun to do. (see: Erik Johannson: Sweden & Berlin) I also edited the long version of this story, but the edit is only available for Creative Cloud members to view online. I’ll see if I can track down an available video–maybe after the campaign passes, I’ll be able to post it. We all worked very hard in post production. Several videos came in at once and it took a lot of teamwork to push these through post. All of these stories were incredibly inspiring and it was such a fun experience learning about these creative agencies and artists!!