A Most Wanted Man

One line review: This is an intense, but slow building espionage film that will give you a new perspective on the different approaches to acquiring intelligence and tracking terrorists. It’s just about a hair faster paced than Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

I’m not a huge fan of espionage films. I mean, they can be loads of fun, but overall I don’t know how much I appreciate the slow burn or the politics. Sometimes—like in the case of this film—it’s really interesting, but other times I’d just rather watch something else.

This was a fascinating take on a post 9/11 world where America and Germany are struggling to acquire terrorist intelligence in Berlin. The competing (and controversial) methods to which they approach their work is fascinating. Each side has a compelling argument for how they work, and you get to witness the gray area.

While I can acknowledge this was a really great film, I don’t think I can personally say I enjoyed it. But if you like espionage films…please, do what you can to see this.

If nothing else, see it just for Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It’s always a pleasure seeing him work on screen. He is an incredible actor.

I’ve got several more of these to go…